Nestled in the central position over the Salento peninsula, Lecce is 11 kilometres far from the Adriatic coast and 23 from the Ionian Sea: it is the capital of the eastern province of Italy.
Italian south city, known as "the Southern Florence" or the " the Baroque Florence": the ancient Messapian origins and the archaeological remains of the Roman domination truly blend richness and exuberance of the XVII century Baroque, churches and buildings in the centre, built with local stone, a malleable limestone and very easy to handling with the chisel. Architectural development and enrichment of the decorative facades has been particularly fruitful in the Kingdom of Naples and has featured the city in such an original way to give rise to the definition of Lecce Baroque. It has been among the six Italian cities candidates for the European Capital of Culture of 2019, and has been chosen as "Italian Capital of Culture" in 2015.

Distance from Tenuta Flora Maria: 18 km

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