Eco-friendly masseria

Be a part of an exclusive concept. You can also contribute to help the environment. For your green holidays choose our eco-sustainable farmhouse.

Attention to the territory and respect for the environment are the inspiring values of our eco-friendly Masseria in Salento, Puglia.

Eco-sustainability in Masseria Salento is pursued through the use of clean energy and the minimization of the use of chemical products in the cleaning and sanitizing processes of the rooms and of the whole structure in general. Our cleaning products are: vinegar, bicarbonate and the parfums our home made essences.

Here we take care of the customer as well as the environment in full respect of nature and sustainability of the place that welcomes this eco-sustainable farmhouse in Salento.

The eco-sustainable agritourism serve guests only fresh and organic products. The guests themselves can collect Mediterranean fruit or spices, water the plants and put their hands in the ground, a practice that helps to free the mind and soul.

We are Plastic Free Masseria in Puglia, we use biodegradable products, glass rather than plastic, recycled paper and recycling of rubbish.