Beaches and Private Partner beaches


Here in Tenuta Flora Maria you will breathe the Mediterranean air, thanks to the lush vegetation in the surroundings. The scent of Salentine countryside with its vineyards and plants (olive and palm trees, pine trees, pittosporums, laurels, lemons, pomegranates, jasmine, bougainvillea, geraniums and lantana) are mixed with the fresh sea air fragrance and popular tourist resort of Porto Cesareo, with its fine and Caribbean beaches just 5 minutes drive away.

Tenuta Flora Maria has an agreement with several beaches located along the Caribbean coastline of white beaches in Porto Cesareo, Torre Lapillo e Punta Prosciutto beach.

You can request a booking service at the reception, a day before or early in the morning at breakfast.

Tenuta Flora Maria also provides rental chairs, beach chairs, beach umbrellas and beach towels free of charge for those who enjoy the freedom to move along the coast and visit the beaches. 

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